Current Appeals

Unemployment, Lockouts, grinding poverty, illiteracy and social backwardness is the root cause of degeneration of our society. Lack of proper habitation, clean water and insanitary conditions has resulted in sufferance beyond imagination.

Muslim Relief emergency teams are constantly on standby, ready to respond to such calamities.


WOOCS 2.2.1
April 23, 2020

Relief in Ramadan

Life in Pakistan under lockout conditions is hell for those suffering it without hope, means and material. With the month of Ramadan coinciding with the appalling environment of COVID-19 creation, a sea of humanity requires our immediate response. Basic food items are required by so many of our brothers and sisters that earnest and organized efforts are required to be set in motion.
April 23, 2020

Save your future by Educating a child

Vicious and grinding poverty has forced parents to subject their children to labor in houses, shops and factories. With 25 million of our kids of school age..
April 22, 2020

Corona virus COVID-19 Appeal

The spread of Corona virus in Pakistan as in the rest of the world has prompted the "WHO" to issue an appeal to the world community to especially extend help to countries like Pakistan..